Making time for your yoga practice


Below is the timetable for the yoga classes held at our yoga studio in Mosta, Malta.

 Monday  Yoga Class at 7.30pm
 Tuesday  Yoga Classes at 6.00pm and 7.30pm
 Wednesday  Yoga Class at 7pm
 Thursday  Yoga Classes at 10.00 am and 7.30pm
 Friday  Yoga Class at 6.00 pm


Vinyasa Flow - The word “vinyasa” means aligning breath with movement. Whenever we lengthen the breath in yoga, we step closer towards serenity. We will strengthen and tone the body while learning multiple alignment techniques for every stage of each pose.

Yoga Ecstatic Dance -Yoga Ecstatic Dance is a flow of yoga where yoga poses and dance are combined together transporting us into a state of inner freedom. The dance aspect is a dance without much structure in which we find ourselves transported into non ordinary states, into our inner depths, where parts of ourselves have been shut off. The destination is joy and the pleasure of being alive. No knowledge of dance is required. A study cited on the American Cancer Society website infers that dance and movement therapy can help with all kinds of emotional problems, especially boosting body image and self-esteem while reducing anxiety, isolation and depression.

Yoga for Kids -  Yoga for kids classes will be starting on 5 July. 


Yoga Classes are a mixture of vinyasa flow and yoga ecstatic dance. Classes are held at our yoga studio at 223,Constitution street Mosta

Classes are available at 6€ per class. Ideally you book before attending any classes since space is limited.

Private Classes and Corporate Classes are available on request. 


"I have tried many yoga classes in Malta, but since I started with Claire, many years ago, I have not looked elsewhere. There is always something new to learn with Claire, and that keeps the class interesting and fun.
Not only we work on the different parts of the body inside and out, but she encompasses spiritual processes too, such as letting go, believing in your strength etc.
I could not recommend anything better in today’s stressful life, I definitely could not do without at least one hour of Claire’s yoga a week.
It relaxes my body , my mind, and helps keep me fit and toned up as well."

 Antoinette Camilleri ( Malta)


I love to go to Claire's Yoga classes. It is my weekly recharge time. I love the strong physical yoga flow that lets me get out of my mind and the things I have to do. I enjoy the dance movements that connects me to my inner self and let me experience different energies. Often I use this Yoga-hour to release any issues that have come up. The meditation is like the cherry on the cake, it completes the Yoga class and brings the process to full circle.

Thanks Claire for your unique Yoga-classes!

Elisenda Kirchmayr ( Austria)

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