Losing Weight with Yoga

Excess weight gain has become a common problem in today’s age where the majority of our time is spent sitting down in front of computers or T.V. This is also the case with our children who prefer T.V. or computers to playing and socialising with friends. These are only a few factors which have resulted in a lot of people facing the problem of excess weight and obesity.  Being obese also means being prone to various health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems to name but a few. Apart from these obesity is not just a physical problem but also mental and emotional. Someone who is obese and wants to lose weight will find it easier to do so if he also integrates mental and emotional support.


It is always advisable to study the causes and symptoms of obesity. It will be of great advantage to a person, to have a better understanding of his body to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice.

 Obesity can be a result of


  • lack of exercise
  • poor eating habits
  • psychological pressures (depression, frustration, and anxiety)
  • a hereditary tendency 
  • Endocrine glands problems

 Yoga offers a good solution to the problem of obesity. Why?


  • Yoga tackles obesity from all aspects being it physical, emotional and mental
  • Yoga is suitable for people in any age group
  • Yoga’s effect on obesity is permanent
  • Yoga helps to make the human body agile, efficient and slim

There are various styles of yoga from which to choose from. All styles of yoga will help to tone, lengthen and strengthen the muscles using just the weight of one’s body. However, if one starts practicing yoga in order to lose weight one should practice a style of yoga where the heart rate is increased. Vinyasa-style yoga classes offer a more vigorous style of practice. During a Vinyasa class, movement and breath link yoga poses together leading to an increased heart rate and eventually to weight loss. Take it slowly though if you haven’t been physically active for a while.

Moreover the practice of asanas (yoga poses) will help to increase the range of motion of the joints enhancing flexibility and can help correct postural problems that may have resulted from excess weight.

Certain yoga asanas encourage lethargic glands to improve their hormonal discharges such as that of the thyroid gland which has a great influence on our body weight since it influences the metabolism of our body. Furthermore, yoga poses help to improve digestion and thus help to eliminate water retention, bloating and constipation.

Yoga also offers psychological benefits by decreasing the level of anxiety which in turn decreases anxious consumption whereby many of us turn to comfort eating when under stress. As you feel more relaxed and calm comfort eating will diminish. When one starts to practice yoga one starts to become aware of his own body and tends to consume food which makes him feel healthy. Gearing your mind towards feeling better about yourself and being convinced that you will manage to change yourself for the better is necessary to be successful when you opt to practice yoga for weight loss.

When you learn how to apply yoga to your life you will get a long term solution to the problem of achieving self control and self fulfilment not only with regards to weight loss but to your life in general. Without any special equipment you will be able to do exercises that keep you in shape, you will learn how to do meditation that will put your mind at peace, you will become internally balanced, and you will make the choices that are right for you.