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Start: 2016-08-26 18:00:00
End: 2016-08-28 17:00:00

oin us in MALTA with visiting teacher Stefana Serafina

Aug 26/28, 2016 
Women’s bodies are exquisitely attuned to the earth, the cycles of nature, and to the sense-based intelligence that weaves our world together. When moving freely, intuitively, and with attention on their felt self, women have access to the profound system of internal knowing and embodied wisdom that is inherent in the female form. During our weekend together, we will dive deeply in the complexities of our bodies and our intuitive sense, our inner landscape of feeling, sensation, and instinct. 

Through intuitive movement and dance, emboided practice, and earth-body connection, we will ask our bodies what they know about our lives,our histories, and our longings beyond our habitual patterns and everyday ways. We will rediscover a native feminine language that moves through the body and invite our intuitive movement to take us deeper into our own mystery and self-knowing. Moving, expressing, and praying with our bodies in the safe embrace of sisterhood, we will wake the Dancing Priestess within– the timeless embodied woman who thrives in her sensual and nurturing power– and call back the feminine legacy our bodies have kept.

Please join us for a weekend together, as we sense, move, intuit, and contemplate our embodied wisdom, enter deep communion with ourselves and one another, and make space for the part of our feminine nature that has been long silenced by cultural normalcy.


Women of any age, ethnicity, shape and color are warmly encouraged to join us. You do not need experience. 

MALTA, Aug 26-28
Location TBA 
Friday, Aug 26, 6–8 pm
Saturday, Aug 27, 10:30 am–5:30 pm
Sunday, Aug 28, 10:30 am–4.30 pm
€ 180 before AUG 5, € 200 after
To REGISTER, please contact Claire Mangion

FIND OUT MORE ABOIT THE EVENT and THE WORK:!europe-summer2016/c1b7c

STEFANA's SUMMER 2016 European Schedule includes: 
DENMARK, Samsø Island: July 15-17 
MALTA: August 26-28 
BERLIN, GERMANY, September 2-4


"I experienced the most profound heart opening of my life!" Kitania Nottke 

"What I have experienced is far beyond any descriptives….I hadn’t recognized how much my spirit yearned to speak through my body. My body is re-awakening! " (Nicole D'anna) 

“I have been amazed how intelligent the body is and all that she shares when I listen deeply.” (Sarah Hillman)

"Never before I got to know other women and myself in such a physical, sensual and spiritual way. What a gift." (Astrid Kuchenbecker)

"Words do not come close to the depth of power, healing and liberation I am experiencing in our sacred time together. Thank you, thank you!" (Haley Wilson)


STEFANA SERAFINA, M.A., is an embodiment educator and facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay, California. She is the founder of Intuitive Dance, a platform for learning and transformation through the body’s intelligence and moving expression, and has been dedicated to women’s embodied empowerment, working with women in California, Central America and Europe since 2009. Her work weaves various somatic, mindfulness, and movement approaches into a unique and versatile blend that takes women on a journey of rediscovering their bodies and reuniting with the exquisite intelligence available through the female form. 

The Intuitive Dance practice is informed by somatic and expressive art approaches, intuitive self-expression, temple and tantric arts, and earth-centered spirituality.