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Start: 2017-06-29 14:30:00
End: 2017-07-02 15:00:00

Join us for a journey to remember on the enchanted island of Gozo, surrounded by the warm, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are not a local, you may not know that Gozo is known for its pre-historic temples and Goddess–honoring ancient past, and is a place infused with feminine energy, landing its alchemy perfectly to our in-depth work. 

This is small-group, affordable experience, open to all women.

With Stefana Serafina of www.intuitivedance.org (Caliornia) 
Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Meditation with Claire Mangion of http://claireyogamalta.com/ (Malta) 

Seeing with the body is to attune to the sense-based intelligence that surrounds us. It means to know deeper than our thoughts. To attune to the feminine language of life and guidance of our senses. To be able to access dimension and felt knowing through the sensuous instrument that homes our being.

Seeing with the body means to THRIVE...

But more often than not, layers of disembodiment, body-armoring, and cultural oppression are imposed over the natural flow of our bodies’ wisdom and sensuality, and muddy our sensitivity. Patriarchal imprints and emotional suppression inhibit the female body, its native sensuality, and its natural freedom and wildness.

Join us for this in-depth women’s immersion with visiting women’s embodiment teacher and women's empowerment facilitator Stefana Serafina, as we explore and rediscover layers of inner knowing, fact and mystery, and we learn new skills in cultivating ourselves as embodied, empowered, sensually liberated and internally rich women, connected to the feminine mystery while leading on the edge of social change. 

During this immersion, we will work with the different layers of the feminine body- visceral, emotional, mental, sexual, and spiritual. We will reconnect to our bodies as the intelligent, intuitive, self-organizing living systems, constantly in contact with the deeper dimensions of the psyche and the natural world. We will practice the deep re-inhabitation of our bodies, our feminine being, and our sensual anatomy. 

Each morning, Claire Mangion will be helping us to open the body-mind system with her unique blend of vinyasa flow yoga, and then we will follow with a day of in-depth explorations, learning, an transformative experience, while also leaving room for rest and strolling around the island. 

Learning to 'see with the body' is a process greatly facilitated by being in the field with other women, consciously awakening the power, receptivity, and sensuality of their bodies and the embodied expression of their souls.

Will you join us?


Learn practices for cultivating the body’s stamina and prime the body as the instrument for perception and fluidity
Begin (or continue) recovering the depth of the senses and the intelligence available through the felt self
Rekindle the deep fire of your sensuality and explore your relationship to the feminine principle of pleasure
Uncover body armoring and the shapes of closure in your body-mind systems and learn skills to restore flow and nourish it continuously
Engage in the inherent intelligence of the feminine parts of the body- the feminine anatomy
Explore the deep connection between your body and Earth and the teaching of the elements through their composition in your own ecosystem
Practice ‘seeing with the body’ for ourselves and for others
Work with the symbols, signals, and guidance of your deeper psyche
Reconnect with an aspect part of the feminine nature that has been long silenced by cultural normalcy.


Yes, we hold this immersion in the embrace of safe, nurturing, and loving sisterhood. We are committed to each other’s growth and well being. You rise, we rise.


- Doing deep work at the the privately owned farm house where we will be accommodated
- Sharing delicious, catered meals
- Daily morning yoga with Claire
- Visiting the pre-historic temples together
- Doing some of our embodiment practices in the open air
- Spending an afternoon of opening the feminine body in a secret cave that served as a dwelling for the temple builders 5000 years ago! 
- Allowing some free time for visiting the nearby beaches and swimming holesW
More at www.intuitivedance.org/malta2017

REGISTRATION + Arrival/Departure


The fee includes accommodation for 3 nights/4 days, all of our meals, and the teaching. 


REGULAR RATE after MAY 20: € 600 or 650 USD

TO REGISTER, or if you have any Qs:

If paying in euros, please email Claireinfo@claireyogamalta.com

If paying in USD, email Mandy at connect@intuitivedance.org  



Arrive on Thursday June 29 @  2 pm for  Orientation: 2–3 pm

Depart Sunday Jul 2 @ 3 pm

Full immersion schedule will be provided upon registration 

Airport to fly into: Malta International Airport (Luqa Airport)

Getting rom Malta to Gozo (separate islands): Take fairy to Gozo

Need help with transportation? We may have a shuttle to transport you from the ferry station to our retreat facility, depending on your arrival time.  Ask us upon registration.